CompassionHappens Ambassadors are a special group of affiliates. Ambassadors are a dedicated group of people who have paid to enjoy special privileges and opportunities. They act as our special external sales force and are entitled to discounts, premiums and other incentives.

Ambassadors in Alphabetic order

  • Dale Bach, Oceanside, CA

  • Maryann Blinkhorn, San Diego, CA

  • Joyce Falkowski, Encintas, CA

  • Arvin Hsu, Encintas, CA

  • Abe Serrano. Los Angeles, CA

  • Cynthia Kersey, Marina del Rey, CA

  • Allen Kotlyar, Orange County, CA

  • Donna Freher Lyons, San Marcos, CA

  • Dakota McKenzie, San Francisco, CA

  • Di'Anne Finch-Smith, Marina del Rey, CA

  • Jocbethem & Julie Tapahary, Poway, CA

  • Abra Riley, Sydney, Australia

  • Steve Viglione, Sonoma, CA


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