Become an Ambassador and Make Money While Making a Difference!

You have probably noticed that there is a new mindset and wave of innovation, social responsibility and profitability sweeping over the entire business landscape—right now it is being led by people just like you, who want to use their businesses to do good in the world while still making a healthy profit.

CompassionHappens Inc. launched the SCENE—Socially Conscious Education Network for Entrepreneurs—to connect and expand a global community of conscious entrepreneurs, united around the opportunity to make a difference, while making a living.

If we change how we do business, we will transform the world.

Our vision and passion is to embody and apply a NEW way of doing business—to uplift humanity’s consciousness towards financial freedom and possibility at this fascinating time in world shift.

The SCENE Ambassadors will be a catalyst to support the expansion of conscious business education throughout the U.S.

The SCENE will be comprised of Ambassadors—the catalysts to bring it forward, as well as highly successful mentors, experts and visionaries have been carefully selected—to bring the most conscious, advanced and relevant entrepreneurial education to our member community.

As the consciousness of humanity rises with the consciousness of business, we can foster a shift in the way we do business with one another.

The future belongs to the entrepreneur who recognizes that the time for action is upon us and the power of technology is allowing a true movement representing the very best human values.

You will have the opportunity to collaborate with the SCENE Mentors, which include: 

 Ask yourself…

  1. Do I want to live consciously in my personal life and in my business life?
  2. Do I want to prosper while helping others prosper?
  3. Do I believe I could benefit from being part of a socially-conscious entrepreneurial community?
  4. Am I ready to build my business to a new level so that it can help countless people around the world?
  5. Do I believe that an education is the birthright of every child on the planet?
  6. Do I want to uplift humanity's consciousness through business and share in the wealth that is

If you said “Yes” to any of these, you are ready to join the SCENE as a Charter Ambassador!

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