Order the Compass Movie 2-DVD Set today!

You will be moved, motivated and inspired!

Never before in history has there been a film that has told the story of the journey through life coupled with the world’s leading authorities on personal success.

Disc 1 contains the feature length film of The Compass
Disc 2 contains valuable bonus features including The Teen Compass, The Balanced Compass, additional Expert Footage, Behind the Scenes, Out takes and a special message from the creator of The Compass, John Spencer Ellis

The Compass title is only available in an NTSC format. This title is a region 0 DVD, which will play on any DVD player worldwide as long as it supports an NTSC signal. We are unable to provide any guarantee that our NTSC format title will play on specific DVD players outside of the United States. Please check your DVD player (and with the manufacture if necessary) to see if your player supports the NTSC format.

Most DVD/Video players available worldwide are dual format which supports both NTSC and PAL formats.  This normally includes DVD playback on your PC.

Order your copy of The Compass movie

2-DVD set now!

Enjoy an additional hour of special bonus features on the second DVD!

2-DVD set is just $19.97


Product will be shipped within 3 business days of order.  There are no refunds.

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