The SCENE Level 2 (Live mentorship)

The SCENE                 

 The SCENE (Socially Conscious Education Network for Entrepreneurs) is our major product/service for the socially conscious business niche. The SCENE is an online portal that also provides off-line social, educational and networking opportunities. For a modest monthly membership fee ranging from $79 to $149, members receive world-class training, education, mentoring and networking opportunities. The SCENE promises to be the first—and most prominent—social network for conscious entrepreneurs.

 The basic monthly subscription fee provides members access to:

  • Group mentorship in multiple programs on an ongoing monthly basis
  • Webcasts, webinars and other educational offerings featuring SCENE Mentors/experts and leaders of the conscious business movement
  • Our newsletter featuring motivational, inspirational and educational content (available electronically--our commitment to environmental responsibility)
  • Passive income through distribution of all CompassionHappens products, services and live events
  • Discounted services from our C.H.I. Consulting Group division 

 Members also receive a customizable Instant Impact Generator™ (IIG), our proprietary viral marketing tool designed specifically to empower members to spread the message about causes that are important to them—including all CompassionHappens opportunities. The IIG can be easily replicated, providing members the opportunity to reach millions of potential customers and affiliates. Members can also participate in residual income opportunities. We pay up to 40% commissions to members directly responsible for referring others who join the membership.

Get access to everything listed above and more for only $149 per month

Starting in 2013!

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